Pizzacat Cat Costume

Pizzacat Purrrfect for a cat’s Halloween
Viral Sensation, Internet loves the boi


September, 2016

The Pizzacat AKA Pizzacat the God, Viral sensation and respected worldwide public figure announced the newest, greatest thing to date. The Pizzacat cat Costume!
These handcrafted fabric pizza slices fit right over your cat’s head, Be the life of the party when people see your cat really is respected like that. Some people may even cry. It’s that good.
Remember folks this is the same Pizzacat Posted by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Pete Wentz, Grumpy Cat and more.
Remember folks this is the same Pizzacat who personally programmed an iOS app “Pizzacatapp” which was deemed one of the top 5 instagram apps by

This is the same Pizzacat featured on Epic Meal Empire cable tv show!
Get ready for cats everywhere to become waaaaaaaayyyyyy better.

The Pizzacat cat costume.

To learn more about the costume, The Pizzacat, or to book an interview, contact pizzacat at
About The Pizzacat
Instagram star, #2 rapper ever,  instagram 22.k, music videos PizzacatTV youtube.
-The Pizzacat


Get your own pizzacat cat costume here


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